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    皇后區的皇后 專輯封面

    歌名從黑膠起家 歌手名 Miss Ko


    詞:葛仲珊 曲:葛仲珊 I make music for a livin Work with what I’m given Never settin limits Representin for da women See they look at me and see Some kind of oddity or freak But what they really don’t see Is I’m just tryin to be me Without the judgments, repugnance Just doing what I love and Not tryin to be a slave to the opinions of the public (nah) My whole life I’ve struggled to be free And now that I’m grown I could finally be me ya know? So nod your head back if ya feel this Real always recognize realness A lot of people dwell on your appearance But never know the struggles that you deal with From the bottom, rose to the top Cooked some hip hop in along with the pot Turned this raw stock into a meal Started from scratch like - Grandwizard Theo Yea we started from scratch Started from scratch Started from scratch Now look where we at Yea we started from scratch Started from scratch Started from scratch And we ain’t never lookin back Whether past or in the present My style is independent Of anything that’s trending Never-ending like a legend Got the recipe, my destiny’s To give the world the best of me That’s why these people I don’t even know all invest in me In my own league, can’t define me Rap, sing, and song-write in English and Chinese It’s the valedictorian right here Always been first, that’s why they call me a pioneer (ya know) Started from the bottom didn’t know much Now I’m coppin cribs like a grown up See my face big on a tour bus Hittin every city that they show love What? Just doing what I do best Nah and we ain’t following no rubric Pour my soul into the movement So even when I’m gone, still live thru the music Tell the DJ hit the repeat when they see me Neighborhood squad out bumpin my CD What a feelin, cuz none of it was easy Parents barely had enough dough to even feed me So I learned to grind hard from a young age Told myself I’d be star - one day You could see me on the news front page Cuz I refuse to live a life that’s mundane Born and raised, NYC – Queens Where kings go to find a queen And dreams can turn into a million things But fame ain’t nothing like it really seems Foreal, that’s why I stay true and I don’t do Anything that don’t feed my soul food Follow in their shoes like a broke fool And now I get to let the world know what I know too


    專輯名 皇后區的皇后
    歌手名 Miss Ko
    發行日 2016-12-22