Eenie Meenie

Eenie Meenie

Craig David



On my way from the studio driving on my way home Happy 'cause I'm gonna see my girl tonight Something messing with my radio Gotta be my cell phone ringing I picked it up it was my girlfriend But she wouldn't talk to me no I heard some bitching in the background saying That my girl was too good for me yeah And I was like what? Why you chatting my name (oh) Say it again, nothing to hide got nothing to gain People wan front just because of my fame You better stop! Before I lose control Had enough of you friends & I'm letting you know I'm Craig David & I'm running the show And if you're talking a lot of bull baby you got to go so Eenie meenie minie mo gonna miss you that I know Girl it's been wonderful but I gotta let you go Eenie meenie minie mo getting kinde critical Don't want to hurt you though but I gotta let you go So tell me why you want to do me like that Used to give you things now you're throwing 'em back Access to the visa, the keys to the flat Widescreen tv, dvd's & that All of a sudden you be trippin' when I answer the phone Talking all about me in an angry tone Talking all about how I be doing you wrong You're crazy, whatever happened to the good girl? The one that was in to me yeah I want to tell it to your face girl That one of us had to leave so Well I'm just an ordinary guy, dealing with rumours & lies But your friends keep on filling your head with this nonsense & I can't take no more Craig David she only after that wage payslip That's why she got you pulling strange faces Drinking hennessy 'til your brain's wasted She don't want to be the girl that Craig stays with She just want to be there while Craig stays rich She wouldn't be with him if he was paid basic and She wouldn't be there if he wasn't made famous She had a gold digger degree she must've studied for that Wanted me to get her a mansion with a truck in the back Flood her with ice 'til a nigga like honey relax Messiah bolical ain't even got no money for that All of a sudden you be tripping on my cellular phone Talking about all of the women that be taking me home Talking about all of the women I supposedly boned She crazy, you know what it is You give them an inch & they be taking the p**s You fed up of it get rid of the witch, don't be taking her s***t She wasn't saying this when he was licking her lower lip Making her throw a fit, put you fingers all over it Tripping all over you whenever you rock the show Trying to get money 'cause she know you got the dough And the next time she trippin' fella you drop the phone If you're talking a lot of bull baby you got to go



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