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    Slicker Than Your Average 專輯封面

    歌名Personal 歌手名 Craig David


    Anything you want from me, I'll do, but first Let's get personal, Personal, Personal, Personal. Let's get personal, Personal, Personal, Personal, Personal with you. I'm sitting having dinner at your parents hom, Some the finest food I've ever known. But I need some sweetness on my tongue, And it ain't a type of suger, oh no. So maybe we can go somewhere, Neighbor's room, girl I don't care. Where's the bedroom? (It's upstairs.) I'll meet you there, in a minute girl so we can get Let's get personal (ooh yeah), Personal (Tonight, baby), Personal (Maybe we can get), Personal (Just a little bit, just a little bit), Let's get personal (oooh yeah), Personal (I want to get personal), Personal (Come on baby, just trust me), Personal (I want to get) Personal with you. I'm behind you in your bedroom with your hands against the wall, But keeping one eye on the door. Got your T-Shirt and your panties on, Oh, I feel so right, can't be wrong. I know you like it when I touch you there, Girl, just keep it quiet, or they'll hear. Feel the tremblin' around your leg, I'd love to head to your bed so that we can get Let's get personal (sh!). Should take off my clothes? (No.) Put a lock on the door, Let go of your deepest inhibitions, let me fulfill your fantasies girl. Like me touching you there? (Yeah.) The way that I play with your hair, Emotions running wild until we stop. Yeah. Let's get (who!) personal (ooh baby), Personal (I want to get personal with you), Personal (We can do anything you want to do), Personal (oh). Let's get personal (When you rub and you're close to me), Personal (Feel the fire just like ecstasy), Personal (And the way you're touching me, I want it baby all the time), Personal, Personal with you. Oh, I want to, Make love to you. So let's, Get personal. Let me be, Your fantasy. You're all I need, oh girl. Let's get personal, Personal (With every little thing you do), Personal (It's like ecstasy baby), Personal (When I'm right, when I'm back next to you), Personal (Girl I don't give a damn about), Personal (Who's that saw, go downstairs), Personal (I just want to get personal baby), Personal (So bad makes me want to say). Oh whoa, whoa, whoa, I makes me want to say, Oh whoa, whoa, whoa, All of my people say, Oh oh, oh oh, Oh oh, oh oh.