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    More Life 專輯封面

    歌名Free Smoke 歌手名 Drake


    Is it the strength of your feelings Overthrowing your pain Using you high to be reaching And is it today that you will find your new release And in your wake, ripple your sweet voice And more chune for your head tops So watch how you speak on my name, you know? Yeah, I couldn't get a bill paid You couldn't buy the real thing I was stayin' up at yo' place Tryin' to figure out the whole thing I saw people doin' things Almost gave up on the music thing But we all so spoiled now More life, more everything Must have never had your phone tapped All that yappin' on the phone shit You must really love the road life All that never comin' home shit Free smoke, free smoke, aye! Free smoke, free smoke, aye! Free smoke, free smoke, aye! Dom Rosé toast Hidden Hills where I post I start my day slow Silk pajamas when I wake, though Miraval to the face, though I drunk text J-Lo Old number, so it bounce back Boi-1da got the bounce back Used to get paid for shows and front-door money Five, ten, twenties, hand sanitize after you count that Me and Gibbo was about that Eatin' Applebee's and Outback Southwest, no first class Hilton rooms, gotta double up Writin' our name on a double cup We ain't even have a tour bus Girls wouldn't even think of recordin' me I fall asleep in sororities I had some different priorities Weezy had all the authority Women I like was ignorin' me Now they like, "Aren't you adorable?" I know the question rhetorical I took the team plane from Oracle Mama never used to cook much Used to chef KD Now me and Chef, KD Bet on shots for twenty G's I brought the game to its knees I make too much these days to ever say, "Poor me" Where you at? I never see you Free smoke, free smoke, aye! Free smoke, free smoke, aye! Free smoke, free smoke, aye! Niggas moves so waste Please come outside the house and show yourself So I can say it to your face It's bound to happen, man, it's gotta happen now So let's just get it out the way Lot of niggas goin' bad on me Please, one at a time I wanna move to Dubai So I don't never have to kick it with none of you guys I didn't listen to Hov on that old song When he told me pay it no mind I get more satisfaction outta goin' at your head And seein' all of you die And I seen a lot of you die Free smoke, free smoke, aye! Free smoke, free smoke, aye! Free smoke, free smoke, aye! Hidden Hills where I post, yeah 'Ye already know, yeah I'm the troublemaker in the neighborhood Far as troublemakin' goes, yeah House party up the road, yeah I'm not Kid 'n Play This kid doesn't play about the flow, yeah Y'all keep playin' with your nose, yeah You get high and do the most, yeah How you let the kid fightin' Ghost-writin' rumors turn you to a ghost? Oh, you niggas got jokes Free smoke, free smoke Baka Yeah, we outchea Ya don know, aye? It's a OVO ting, aye? Ya don know, aye? It's a East Side ting, aye? Ya don know, aye? More life


    專輯名 More Life
    歌手名 Drake
    發行日 2017-03-18