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    Scream Above The Sounds (Deluxe) 專輯封面

    歌名What's All The Fuss About? 歌手名 Stereophonics

    作曲 Kelly Jones


    I flew all the way today Back from LA You tie your hair in a red band bow When you greet me by the gate Sip and stir from your coffee cup And break bread crumbs on the floor I fight my head 'cause I wanna drink But I want you so much more Oh what's the fuss all about? I knew all the way today Back to our place You didn't care if I said too much I could see that by your face You sleep and stir when I pick you up And drop your neck scarf on the floor I fight my mind cause I wanna think That I'll be here evermore Oh what's the fuss all about? Oh what's the fuss all about? The bell rings aloud in the school yard sun Young boys all they wanna do is run The trees and the leaves and they blow in the breeze And the blossoms are pale pink, the young girls sneeze The swings in the park and the ghosts in the dark The truths and the dare and the secrets we share The things that we learn and the things that we earn Embarrassing days and mistakes that we make Jet streams in the sky You're gone in the blink of an eye Heavenly hugs and the shoulders you shrug The bully, the boss and the priest and his cross The letters we write and the wrongs you can't right The space that we need in the loneliest weeks Blows in the wind Repenting our sins The games that we play and the changes we make The love and the light and the smiles you ignite Skin on skin The life that we chase, it feels like a race To get to the place with the pride and the grace It's hard to replace the touch of your face When you're so far away Are you lost? Are you found? On this merry go round? What's all the fuss about?