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    Sleep 專輯封面

    歌名Sleep 歌手名 王源

    作詞 Afshin Salmani/Chen Huan/Josh Cumbee
    作曲 Afshin Salmani/Chen Huan/Josh Cumbee


    Sleep's cold in these sheets After All these days Know it feels the same Sleep Chase away dreams Of a love so close When it meant the most Wrapped in all these memories and moonlight Don't let me forget them when I close my eyes Love, no I can't forget this love Know it kills me to relive what's gone But I can't get enough of long lost Love, know I miss the days of us Know we tried and paid the highest cost Sleeplessly I'll dream of what I lost


    專輯名 Sleep
    歌手名 王源
    發行日 2017-11-13