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    Fight The Feeling 專輯封面

    歌名Turn It Up 歌手名 Luis Fonsi

    作詞 Steven Morales/David Siegel
    作曲 Steven Morales/David Siegel


    I can feel it in the air something is calling me out there grab my things can't wait no more gotta get back on the floor That's where the music's thumping hard where I feel my body start to lose control where I can let go C'mon let's turn it up tonight just feel the beat we're gonna dance until we're moving out of sight you and me can you feel it in the rhythm, the flow whether it's fast or it's slow we'll get it right c'mon let's turn it up turn it up tonight Never had that much to say the music carries me away my body language does it all keeps me living off the wall don't need to show you how it goes it's better if you do your own thing cause you're the only one who knows Never been lazy about rhythm no baby got the music just blazin' that's right Cause when I start flowing who knows where I'm going but everything is gonna be fine so (let's) turn it up tonight


    專輯名 Fight The Feeling
    歌手名 Luis Fonsi
    發行日 2002-01-01