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    Fight The Feeling 專輯封面

    歌名Save Me 歌手名 Luis Fonsi

    作詞 Howard Dorough
    作曲 Howard Dorough


    My whole life I never had love come true But then u came a long, long way U came and rescued me U showed my heart Things it's never ever seen And now I believe Only u can save me Cause I'm falling now I was lost till I found you Only you can hear me When I'm crying out My whole world depends on you Heaven must be missing an angel Cause your right here with me Oh baby, can't you see my life's complete And that's why I believe That only you can save me Love's so sweet And that's all that you're giving to me I don't want to search no more You're all that I adore You and me made love like it was meant to be And now I believe I know That you'll see There's just no other place that I would ever wanna be As long as your right here next to me And angel You know, we should be Here making precious memories for an eternity And you should've know that Nothing else matters To me without you So save me


    專輯名 Fight The Feeling
    歌手名 Luis Fonsi
    發行日 2002-01-01