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    Fight The Feeling 專輯封面

    歌名You Got Nothing On Me 歌手名 Luis Fonsi

    作詞 Rene Tromberg
    作曲 Rene Tromberg


    You're looking at me like you got something to say C'mon give it away And tell me what you're thinking baby You're stepping at me like you might have a name A time a date a place But all you really got is hearsay Cause I've been holding you And I've been kissing you Been loving only you So don't make no mistakes Baby what you got on me is a lover Not a thief I might steal your heart way I'll give you back mine in exchange Baby I will always be True to you cause I don't cheat So whether you think You got nothing on me Why would you listen to what others say It's just people trying to make Trouble cause we're happy You should know me by now I'd never stray Or try to hurt you in any way And your assumptions only make me question Why I've been holding you Why I've been kissing you Cause I've been into you Did I make a mistake What you want What you need Is everything I've tried to be Your friend, no matter when Baby you have to believe You've got all that in me


    專輯名 Fight The Feeling
    歌手名 Luis Fonsi
    發行日 2002-01-01