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    Fight The Feeling 專輯封面

    歌名If Only 歌手名 Luis Fonsi

    作詞 Giuliano Franco
    作曲 Giuliano Franco


    As the night begins to fade to just another day How I long to see your face again Memories of you and I, now I live another life That no longer feels like mine Tell me how I can go on now that you're gone All the days seem so long And the emptiness that my heart knows Won't let me go And if only you could see What my life has come to be without you're love I'm missing you so much And if only I had tried To find a way so you were still here with me It wouldn't have to be "if only" tonight I never thought I'd be the one wondering what went wrong Wondering what I could have done But now I'm standing all alone with nothing left to lose I wish that I could show you What would I do for that chance to take it all back To try to make our love last But there's nothing more for me to give How can I live? To take away my pain, to hold you once again These arms would never let go If only you could know If only you could know...


    專輯名 Fight The Feeling
    歌手名 Luis Fonsi
    發行日 2002-01-01