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    bloom 專輯封面

    歌名Habits 歌手名 Machine Gun Kelly

    作詞 C. Baker/A Tyus/R. Eadeh/S. Basil
    作曲 C. Baker/A Tyus/R. Eadeh/S. Basil


    Complicated Frustrated Underestimated Can't sleep, mind racing Hard to stay concentrated Foreign towns, missing home Please don't forget about me Tell the story, all the glory Fuck what they say about me Some days I feel So out of place with these fake people in my face I cannot relate, yeah Sometimes I feel Like I create, and they just take everything that I make Turnaround and then hate Maybe i was living off expectations Or I was born in the wrong generation That's probably it Meanwhile I'm crushing weed overseas Hopefully tonight we'll find more Long days on tour Backstage getting boring But step on stage and they roaring I fell in love with a very bad habit But I feel alive for the very first time I don't wanna die But, I don't wanna hide Or keep shit inside I will not cry, so I will deal with it how I deal with it I am 13 hours clean and still counting Save me from these day dreams about it On the full moon night swims with tattoos I cannot stand these fucking rules I been sailing too long in cold water Restrain me from these pills and more doctors And erase me from this page and start over I want to start over See, I fell in love with a very bad habit I was alive for the very first time You said goodbye, But I was trying to say something ain't right inside of me I want to run away I want to run away, run away I don't want to stay I don't want to stay, I dont want to stay here I wish you could relate I wish you'd point at a star and leave it up to fate We are who we are so don't judge me Just 'cause its hard to smile Read between white lines See what's in my mind


    專輯名 bloom
    發行日 2017-05-12