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    DARKNESS AND LIGHT (Asia Tour Edition) 專輯封面

    歌名Right By You (for Luna) 歌手名 John Legend

    作詞 John Stephens/Blake Mills/Ethan Gruska
    作曲 John Stephens/Blake Mills/Ethan Gruska


    Will you live like me, in a world run by desire? Will you wake from worldly dream and not be tired? Will you work like me to lift the conversation higher? Will you be cool like water putting out the fire? How can you be free from all this sorrow? Will the ones you love today be gone tomorrow? And if angels don't have answers to your prayers Oh, I will be there, oh I will be there And if who you love don't want your love, well then... Do you cut a deal with love and run again? You see, love contains the meaning of despair Will you think like me? Will you have your mother's fire? Maybe the way we are will not be how you're wired Will we do right by you? Will we you have what you require To make your days on this Earth not so dire? Can you choose to lead if no one follows? And if we fell today, must you tomorrow? Sanctify your answer not your prayer Oh, I will be there, yeah, I will be there Yeah, I will be there And even when it all becomes too much When you're growing old and feeling out of touch Listen to this song and just take care And know that I will be there, yeah, I will be there No, I swear that I will, yeah, I promise I will Little girl, I'm cryin'