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    DARKNESS AND LIGHT (Asia Tour Edition) 專輯封面

    歌名Wake Up Everybody 歌手名 John Legend

    作詞 Victor Carstarphen/Gene McFadden/John Whitehead
    作曲 Victor Carstarphen/Gene McFadden/John Whitehead


    Wake Up Everybody No More Sleepin In Bed No More Backward Thinkin Time For Thinkin Ahead The World Has Changed So Very Much From What It Used To Be So There Is So Much Hatred War An' Poverty Wake Up All The Teachers Time To Teach A New Way Maybe Then They'll Listen To Whatcha Have To Say Cause They're The Ones Who's Coming Up And The World Is In Their Hands When You Teach The Children Teach Em The Very Best You Can. The World Won't Get No Better If We Just Let It Be The World Won't Get No Better We Gotta Change It Yeah, Just You And Me. Wake Up All The Doctors Make The Ol' People Well They're The Ones Who Suffer An' Who Catch All The Hell But They Don't Have So Very Long Before The Judgement Day So Won'tcha Make Them Happy Before They Pass Away. Wake Up All The Builders Time To Build A New Land I Know We Can Do It If We All Lend A Hand The Only Thing We Have To Do Is Put It In Our Mind Surely Things Will Work Out They Do It Every Time.