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    The Remixes 專輯封面

    歌名Kiss You Back (Oliver Nelson Remix) 歌手名 Nulbarich


    Seven days in a week dream flies 叶わなかった What I've been dreaming of I was young 過ぎ去ったmany nights Still そんな my way その真上から take my hand Then 包み込むように paint my everyday and night You have whatever I want now Baby, you never look down 例えこの空が falls down Hey, you never say no 全てが終わろうとも Tell me why are you so strong 君は笑ってtold me I'm not strong 思い通りじゃboring that's what you were saying I feel you When I reach to the blue sea 映し出すeverything その笑みで 全部スマイルに Just wanna stay cute The sun kisses you back 誰よりもdressing you The sun shines for you now そのままでいて I'm into you Light me up always I don't want you gone gone I'm going home もっとそばで 触れていたい your love I went out to explore the world I've been going up the hill all day 凍えそうでも You always warm me up ねぇ今すぐ教えて その目の奥の全て I just want to know 目を逸らさないで I found my story (just spread the word) どんな時もその smile いつも通り (just spread the word) Come and see there's an angel floating softly 誰よりもdressing you No worries, everything is yours now


    專輯名 The Remixes
    歌手名 Nulbarich
    發行日 2018-09-05