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    歌名YES OR NO 歌手名 Black Eyed Peas


    "Are ya Ready on the right?" Yes "Ready on the left?" Yes "Ready on the right?" Yes "Are you ready?" (echoes) "Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No Yes or No, Yes or No" Pick a side, Pick a side, Pick a -, Pick a -, Pick a Side Thumbs up, Thumbs down I don't care you decide It’s Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No You decide, You decide, You de-, You de-, You decide Either love it or you hate it, go ahead choose wise It's Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes - You either fixing it or breaking it, taking it or making it You're either to legit or you kinda fit, faking it You’re leading or you're following, loaning or you're borrowing You're either lit as fuck or you suck and you swallowing You can be the greatest and aim to be the G.O.A.T You either sitting and you sinking, or you're flying and you're floating You hate it or you love it, you private or you public You comfy on the bottom or you strive to rise above it You either helping or you're hurting us Healing or you're killing, if you’re killing you’re a murderer Selling or you're buying, honest or you’re lying Receiving or you're giving, if you're living you ain't dying You’re either laughing or you're crying You're quitting or you're trying You either slipping or you climbing You want the gold then you better start mining You're synthetic or you're natural You thinking local or you thinking international You dreaming big or dreaming little If you haven't picked a side then you're standing in the middle You're causing problems or you're solving If you living by the gun then them bullets you be dodging You got vision or you blind, if you can't make a decision please make up your mind