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    Mary Poppins Returns (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 專輯封面

    歌名(Underneath the) Lovely London Sky 歌手名 Various Artists

    作詞 Marc Shaiman/Scott Wittman
    作曲 Marc Shaiman


    When the early hours have come and gone Through the misty morning showers I greet the door For when the light has hit the ground There's lots of treasures to be found Underneath the lovely London sky Though the lamps are turning down Please don't feel blue For in this apart of London town The light shines through Don't believe the things you've read You never know what's up ahead Underneath the lovely London sky Have a pot of tea Mend your broken cup There's a different point of view Awaiting you If you would just look up I know Yesterday you had to borrow from your chums Seems the promise of tomorrow never comes But since you dream the night away Tomorrow's here It's called today! So count your blessings You're a lucky guy For your underneath the lovely London sky Listen Soon the slump will disappear It won't be long Sooner than you think you'll hear Some bright real song So hold on tight to those you love And maybe soon from up above You'll be bless so keep on looking high While you're underneath the lovely London sky Lovely London sky