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    雞與蛇與豬 專輯封面

    歌名雞與蛇與豬 歌手名 椎名林檎

    作詞 Sheena Ringo
    作曲 Sheena Ringo


    Think I must break this, stuffing in myself evermore I felt it wrong, I’ll have to get even more Dripping with holly, bound to distort even more Gorging hypnosis, vomit to everywhere I thought the pull was something better “Digestible”, that’s how it feels Why must this speak to how it used to taste delightful Who said poison, actually? Said you’d trap me and I can’t stop sliding, now I’m in I should have known myself the best Oh, something’s not right This self is the only thing I love To hear, to smell, to see, to touch is irreplaceableness


    專輯名 雞與蛇與豬
    歌手名 椎名林檎
    發行日 2019-04-23