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    Anti 專輯封面

    歌名Who\'s Gonna Save Us 歌手名 HYDE

    作詞 HYDE
    作曲 HYDE/Nicholas Furlong


    Broken hearts and battle scars From the shadows, here we are Fallen angels in disguise Waiting for the right time We've got our backs against the wall We'll stand our ground and we won't fall Fighting to be who we are Waiting on the front line Hands up It's going down Let me hear you say it Right now It's going down If we lose it all tonight Who's gonna save us, tonight Who's gonna save us, Broken promises and lies There will be no compromise Long as we are side by side We won't be defeated This is it, our time is now Rising up and screaming out If we can't bend the laws they make Then we will have to break them And on the darkest night Before the break of light If we don't stand and fight Who's gonna save us


    專輯名 Anti
    歌手名 HYDE
    發行日 2019-05-03