Weather the Storm

Weather the Storm

DJ Khaled

Father Of Asahd










Khaled Khaled/Robert Williams/Dominique Jones/Nicholas Warwar/Tarik Azzouz/Alec Costandinos/Michel Jouveaux


Khaled Khaled/Robert Williams/Dominique Jones/Nicholas Warwar/Tarik Azzouz/Alec Costandinos/Michel Jouveaux

(We The Best Music!) 2019, we ain't takin' no shorts unless we goin' on vacation Big fish (Another one) Uh (DJ Khaled) Drop-top Dawn It's all about commas I went from least to most wanted, to the top of the Forbes Fresh out the trenches, I weathered the storm Young livin' legend, I be on that shit that these niggas ain't know I went to war with the system To give my son toys on Christmas Probably won't give me no Grammy Puttin' awards on wrists We had to kill just to make it out, shit, we puttin' rewards on niggas Live by the gun and we die by it Shit, I'm prayin' the sword don't kill us Prayin' the Lord forgive us We goin' to war with killers They put a bounty on my dog, want 'em dead by morning, nigga We took risks to live like this, ain't doin' consignment I brought my momma tears and I turned 'em to VVS diamonds I know you see me on top of my game, ain't see me declining Tony a monster, the night that he saw me, he seen I was climbing They took my elevator, I said fuck it, I'm taking the steps Got me on bail, they put me in jail, they say I'm a threat (Say I'm a threat) Fighting for freedom eleven years, it been taking my breath Watchin' the feds take pictures of me, it been making me stressed (Making me sweat) Tapping my phone, taking my rights and making 'em wrong Deep in this shit, had to dance with the devil to make it back home Yeah I got a call from one of the dogs, said "you been riding private" He say I should tell the pilot to come and get him And the crazy part about it, my nigga sittin' in a prison And the other crazy part about it, I really know that feelin' I can't put my trust inside the system Gotta be here for my sister and my niece believe in Christmas And her dad, somebody killed him Some shit I don't remember 'Cause I'm livin' in them bars when they had me on them laws I blame God for my convictions Never give the judge that ammunition Never had no co-defendants God gon' be my only witness Never take it personally, it's whatever when we handlin' business We been through the worst, them situations we can never mention You'll have your mom losing her mind if you get a conviction Got some homies sittin' in the feds, hope they get an eviction Praying to his gun, he got his fire, he ain't got no religion I heard Meek got 2 for a wheelie and I was in the kitchen servin' Had me thinkin', is it all worth it? Thinkin' 'bout the chances that I took to buy you purses Thinkin' 'bout them lists that we went on and just go splurgin' Switched it up and everything been workin'
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