ERYS (Deluxe)




Falling For You

Falling For You

CTV3: Day Tripper's Edition




Jaden Smith/Hugo Chan/Austin Owens/Keanu Torres/James Foye III "Keyz"/Omarr Rambert


Jaden Smith/Hugo Chan/Austin Owens/Keanu Torres/James Foye III "Keyz"/Omarr Rambert

So, I'm in 1 OAK the other day I see with all pink tees Woah, woah I need to know who the fuck that is I know, wait I'm on the move, wait I'm on the move, wait I'm on the move, wait I drip (Pull up), I drip (Pull up) I drip (Pull up), I drip-or-is (Pull up) I drip (Pull up), I drip (Pull up) I drip (Pull up), I drip-or-is (Pull up) She a centerfold (Tell her), gotta let 'em know (Yeah) LV head to toe (Huh), MSFTS necklace on (Glowin') They be stressin' 'cause I'm reckless and I'm flexin' hard (Flex) Flexin' super hard (Super), she a superstar (Woah) With the stupid car (What?) and it's supercharged Rolex, he went to Luther, got my jeweler far (Rollie pollie) Out the boulevard (Huh), where the are You gon kill 'em if you pull up, bruh, I wouldn't do it I drip (Pull up), I drip (Pull up) ("What's your student's name?") I drip (Pull up), I drip-or-is (Pull up) ("That's not a fucking name") I drip (Pull up), I drip (Pull up) ("Nah, fuck this lil' nigga, Thinkin' he can come up in this son of a bitch") I drip (Pull up), I drip-or-is (Pull up) ("Nah, nigga, we come for your mothafuckin' neck, watch yourself") Call the shooters up, get the crew involved You was runnin' round the city like you knew it all If you yappin' bout the mosh I got, the fluent talk Chop it, then we toss, we ain't sippin' Voss (No) We just whippin' cars, man the city's ours Got that shit that make a nigga fight the principal 'Cause we sick of feelin' like we all invincible Comin' for your jaw, I'ma hit it hard I had to switch up the bars, you know I live in the stars Shit isn't really this gorgeous, I got my baby in Florence Seein' white hoods on the horses And they ridin' 'round with a torch Quick call to the boys, keep the fire on the porch (Let's go) We don't got a choice (No), gotta hear our voice I gotta chop off the doors, five on that noise Supersonic boom, when I'm in the room Fuck them interviews, I ain't into those (No) Into makin', push it to the goal (Let's go) And I run the globe, runnin' through the snow (Go) Keep the windows up, I'm coughin', 'bout to let it blow Ice on me, Im huffin', puffin' like an Eskimo Nigga, fuck Monsanto Reckless with the bass and the riot goin' pronto Told you I'm Medici with the racks, call me Cosimo Got the next generation ridin' like Geronimo I-drip, I-drip I-drip, I-drip-or-is I-drip, I-drip I-drip, I-drip-or-is I don't wanna lie, you work at NYLON I've been thinkin' 'bout you every night, night When I had the drip, they sent the high tops (Yeah) Now when they up, I let the bag talk (Go) Quick with the switch, that's Lysol (Quick, quick, quick) Niggas feelin' timid 'cause I might drop ('Cause I might drop) Private jet done flipped and that's a mic drop (That's a... what?) I'm just tryna get the city right Big swish when I pull up, catch me drippin' from the side Kid's lit, man, I got the type of vision get you high Man, I'm always killin' it, a villain in disguise Now my baby say she feel it when we peel off in the ride It ain't 2017, I'm done with all the crying Man your boy just signed a deal, made a mil' off the designs Sitting on a yacht, I pray to God, we caught a vibe Man, I told my mom I'd try to reach the top while I'm alive What the... like ERYS is dropping ERYS really just going crazy ERYS the mixtape crazy This shit is legendary I didn't even know this still was going on
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