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    Sundown 專輯封面

    歌名Have A Little Faith 歌手名 Richard Marx

    作曲 Richard Marx


    You were just an innocent soul When the darkness came and stole your light away How can you be anything but still. When the warmths of tomorrow's Buried in the chills of yesterday Dive into the deep, find it in you to believe In a place your wounded heart has never known If you dare reach for me I wont let you fall alone Have a little faith Have a little hope Have a little trust In the great unknown Love's been a razor deep in your chest Made you feel like your runnin' Out of breathe in slow quicksand Its no kind of life being locked down tight A heart like a flower needs a little light and a gentle hand Let suspicion come to rest, cast away the loneliness That you have carried to long Wrap yours arms around this moment Now, before its gone Chorus Let the memories go blind and release your mind From the ghost that rage inside of you How can I get you to see baby,you could never be To lost for me to find you Just have a little faith Just a little ,faith You and I can be ones who believe In a love that lingers eternally You and I could stay ever this way In a love that lingers eternally 2 X


    專輯名 Sundown
    歌手名 Richard Marx
    發行日 2008-10-31