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    The Sailor 專輯封面

    歌名The Sailor 歌手名 Rich Brian



    The time flies when you spend your nights in the Westin I didn’t know that snakes come in the form of a best friend, who you faking for you’re ready for your lights camera action, this ain’t Trader Joe’s you paying for my verses with 5 tens I’m on stage alone what is you doing with 5 men, hit up record stores to see if my new sh*t has sold out yet, and we don’t aim at all but we hit all of the targets, man I’m h*lla spiritual my soul is nothing to f**k with Woke up with a b**ch, we didn’t have a conversation man she just creamed on my d**k, don’t get involved in altercations got too much fame for this sh*t, made so much money I forgot about like who paid for this sh*t I got used to destruction so I’m always causin problems, the only difference between me and you is you’re the bad one, I do not socialize with these rappers I just destroy em, when times are good I do not pull my phone out I enjoy em Uh, uh, you’re making me mad, bad energy man where my Palo Santo at, told her don’t f**k me cuz this sh*t get sentimental fast, but she didn’t listen we was on the devil’s lettuce wrap (laughs) I’m just a social smoker, but I’m a social person, my brain yellin stop I’m tryna be good like a social worker, it’s only 2 o clock and this gas put me in a coma, got that fire burnin I’ll call you back when I’m feelin sober I’m feelin pressure from my job lately I guess if I don’t drop a song today then I’m just lazy I haven’t dropped a thing in months so what does that make me but then again I’m somewhat famous you supposed to hate me Pissed off, with the heat drawn, man I’ll neva, stop ventin til the beat stop, when the beat drop get setup for action, I just mind my own man I don’t write disses I just write songs, but then again if nobody gets hurt then where’s the fun Woke up this morning Nothing in the fridge Nothing to eat My stomach talking angry to me Went outside forgot to brush my teeth Jetted over to the corner store Picked up some bubble gum, some passion fruit ice tea Went outside and felt a breeze A young girl walked up the street, came up right next to me She looked me up and down with curiosity Like I was standing there but not where I was supposed to be She cracked a smile and said… “Open. Your. Eye.” Uhh what the f**k are you talking about? I can see just fine. “No Mister,” she said. But can you answer this question of mine? Where do we go when we die? What is the color of blue if there isn’t a sky? What is the meaning of life? What is a life if a moment can end in a blink of an eye?


    專輯名 The Sailor
    歌手名 Rich Brian
    發行日 2019-07-26