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江南Style (Gangnam Style)

江南Style (Gangnam Style)

江南Style (Gangnam Style)



Verse 1: 13 years 2017 Damn this rap game mean I am just living my dream Yeah people ain't what they seem Living my life on the east side On the east side of the south side Ya know that place "everyone dies" I'm playing this ain't no Compton Next year you'll find me on that top 10 30 under 30; nah, 1 THAT IS 13 Losing all my time between Rapping and school one day I was called in by the dean, she said you can't live your dream your grades are going down and she pointed at the screen, I was like what you mean? Imma do what I wanna do, and not make a scene. So guess what? I'm here now and I don't care. It's like a jungle in here; Upton Sinclair. Now I'm trying my hardest not to swear, so imma get it out now if that's fair, *we'll be right back sample* Now I'm back and about to go in Gonna rap so fast call me flash Moving around in this beat in a dash Now I feel like hulk finna smash I'm Green arrow making cash Rich like gambino in BTI I'm trying so hard not to die But sometime gotta say goodbye Milli views call me psy Oh my Gotta rap fast to look good Growing up in the hood Going to the y in the hood, hood hood hood hood damn that line was no good I'd change it if I could Maybe I should It's too late but I would I don't know where I'm going But just wait till my boy go in Verse 2 (Wing) Thank You Never thought I'd make it here And just to make it clear I put it on auto pilot no need to steer As long as you with me no need to fear I'll be right by your side To the day that I die Oh my, oh my Oh my, oh my Living a dream And I'm a teen Never a fiend Or drinking lean But I do smoke weed All I do is feed On rappers with ghost writers But low key shoutout to Ryder Cause it's cool how your name rhyme With writer. Not sorry Let's get back on track My bars are never whack And that's a fact Now I'm gonna rap to my heart go out San Francisco bitch, drought Without a doubt Call me a legend More blessed then reverend (*Chill*) I'm out man damn Verse 3 (Headliner): Reminisce on things i once loved Like the people that above Or some things that shoved away From my life Just to make me happy But now it all seems to trap me In a world i'll never see the same Its like igniting the flame Of all the shame I've earned over the years of regret But now everyone's a threat To my happiness But yet i still try to trust the people Tryna make a point like a steeple Now my visions unequal And then now They wondering how im winning but losing Cause i was choosing the wrong answers On my test But this test was of knowledge I pushing people away like a blockage (*Check It*)
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