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    What's Not Inside: The Lost Songs from Waitress (Outtakes and Demos Recorded for the Broadway Musical) 專輯封面

    歌名Door Number Three 歌手名 Sara Bareilles

    作詞 Sara Bareilles
    作曲 Sara Bareilles


    作詞:SARA BAREILLES 作曲:SARA BAREILLES Door number two It's for you, little lady Is it all that you dreamed of? How, if I knew, would've been there waiting I'd have screamed out and jumped up Now here I am With my feet on the sand And a body that won't move The tide's coming in And I'm bound for a swim In a pair of cement shoes He takes what he can, what he wants Doesn't matter if it's ever been given I took the bait and a chance on a man Sold by the boy that he lived in And I was wrong to believe that strength makes you strong And I had hope in a change I would see in us both And now I'm heavy And he lifts me, but never once carried Door number two I've already walked through Ask me the question Who coulda guessed I'd be here at this crossroad? Plain to be seen that it's all up to me I'm no longer alone, though Nothing's changed And I see it more every day Nothing moves It's a game to be played and to lose And now I'm heavy, unsteady But maybe I'm getting ready And this might catch fire and char this ground I might lift this up To only be the one who's gonna get let down Will I be enough to get this on its way to find some higher ground? Before the waters rush I've got to make a change or else I know I'll drown Baby, look around Door number two I've already walked through I wanna see what's behind door number three