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    A Moon Shaped Pool 專輯封面

    歌名The Numbers 歌手名 Radiohead

    作曲 Jonny Greenwood/Thom Yorke/Ed O'Brien/Phil Selway/Colin Greenwood


    It holds us like a phantomThe touch is like a breezeIt shines its understandingSee the moon smilingOpen on all channelsReady to receiveAnd we're not at the mercyOf your shimmerers or spellsYour shimmerers or spellsMmmhmWe are of the earthTo her we do returnThe future is inside usIt's not somewhere elseIt's not somewhere elseIt's not somewhere else(One day at a time)One day at a timeWe call upon the peoplePeople have this powerThe numbers don't decideYour system is a lieThe river running dryThe wings of a butterflyAnd you may pour us away like soupLike we're pretty broken flowersWe'll take back what is oursTake back what is oursOne day at a time


    專輯名 A Moon Shaped Pool
    歌手名 Radiohead
    發行日 2016-05-08