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    歌名Cure 歌手名 Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas



    Though I might had been smiling this morning I could be hoping for nightmare when night comes We never know what happens Nobody does Able to do anything Tough times might come Take a rest at some point Only time can heal the big pain To get up and run Just take a moment to stop and heal yourself At hard times, someone will give you a hand Giving your thanks to all the people on your side your side yeah Some people just push themselves too hard losing their destination and could never stand up You really don't want to end like this do you? People tend to think they have to keep running You can't move a step At hard times when you can not move a step Just stop and lay down and close your eyes The pain will eventually heal And when you manage to stand up again Your sight will look a bit different from before You can stand against your challenge stronger Just chill out at some point What heals the pain is only time To get up and run Just take a moment When you are able to start walking again Your thanks to all the people