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    Manic (Explicit) 專輯封面

    歌名Forever ... (is a long time) 歌手名 Halsey

    作詞 Ashley Frangipane/Peder Losnegård
    作曲 Ashley Frangipane/Peder Losnegård


    I spent a long time Watering a plant made out of plastic And I curse the ground for growing green I spent a long time Substituting honest with sarcastic And I curse my tongue for being mean Weightless, breathless restitute Motionless and absolute He cut me open Sucked the poison from an aging wound Now 50,000 walking deads Would cower at this small brunette It's a nice surprise knowing six feet high Would reach and grab the moon if I should ask Or just imply that I want you to be more light So I could look inside his eyes And get the colors just right Just right, just right Just Built love, built God, built provinces Built calluses, break promises 'Cause I could never hold a perfect thing And not demolish it What am I thinking? What does this mean? How could somebody ever love me? Talk to your man, tell him he's got bad news coming


    專輯名 Manic (Explicit)
    歌手名 Halsey
    發行日 2020-01-17