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    m-flo "loves" is back again! Are you ready? 專輯封面

    歌名WAY U MOVE 歌手名 隕-浮流


    It's been a couple hours since you left me behind I'm all alone… the keys you took was probably mine So I just sit and watch TV. keep myself busy Trying to get you out of my mind Who was it that sang the old song「Love Bites」 Remember that line? Remembered it last night See I've been kind of blue lately Thinkin' just maybe I should ask one more time… So come home… come home… come home, today Come home… Come home… Come home… today Come home… Come home… Come home Today… today… today… today, today… (X2) Asteroid Lover you're on my mind A million years and still hard to find Intergalactically sexy Way you move gets me Now's the time let's be one! (X2) Are you ready? I'm ready… (repeat)