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    m-flo "loves" is back again! Are you ready? 專輯封面

    歌名Life is Beautiful 歌手名 隕-浮流



    You know the beat-down is critical, whenever tricks Played by the devil make me cynical, think of the opposites Tell me… would you rather pack a brief case and paperchase or Throw down stacks in Vegas? Outrageous livin' everyday is blazin HOT & large Smother you with all the latest exaggerations Sedated, inebriated soul charged with emotions Take a swig of this to see the universe frozen, mmm… I like that! 11AM 寝過ごした週の始まり 同僚に1CALL (Sorry I'll be late, but I'll be there as soon as possible) あなたからの着信は無いけど 構わず支度&ダッシュした You know she came through taht door like she said it before… We livin' ASTRO. 息切らして駆け下りると ほら tick-tack-toe 忘れ物 通りすがりの犬までも BOW-WOW-WOW what a day!? それが人生 山あり谷あり、でも同じ数だけの晴れる日もあるから I don't wanna be blue… Never wanna be blue 呪文を唱える、胸につぶやく 何はともあれ just life is… Something like that I float in space… watch you walkin' through the Golden Gate The phase that I pass is like a glitch, how can I miss that? The risk factor is astronomical… Sound effects spark imaginations, every syllable Is crisp and clear, once upon a time I felt like God was light years away But He said,「FEAR NO MAN」,then my eyes opened Forget the lies of deceiving mouths and rise from the dark to see the light Beautiful in the eyes of the beholder I wrote a thousand letters, signed and delivered, but I can't find the Right words to describe this vibe… Looking at my Francks' it's about that time Hey yo, think about it for sec, it ain't hard to see We-dress-to-kill… Live from the city that don't know how to sleep Tell me how-you-feel… Ooh… I'm all shook up! 息合いすぎてすれ違えず ほら zig-zagと タンゴステップのよう 通りすぎる時にウインク wakuwakuwaku what a day!? what a good day!? 山あり谷もある、でも同じ数だけの晴れる日もあるから I don't wanna be blue never be blue 呪文を唱える、胸につぶやく 何はともあれ just life is beautiful Days will pass Imagine, what if this day was your last? It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder, you know it makes me wanna… そうね We be swingin' to bring it to the minute so feel it… m-flo and we do it like this! 山あり谷もある、でも同じ数だけの晴れる日もあるから I don't wanna be blue never be blue 呪文を唱える 胸につぶやく あるいてゆく I am gonna make it through! 何はともあれ just life is beautiful