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    Never A Dull Moment 專輯封面

    歌名Italian Girls 歌手名 Rod Stewart

    作詞 Rod Stewart/Ron Wood
    作曲 Rod Stewart/Ron Wood


    I've got two and more to show I was dreaming of a mobile that couldn't be mine not without lyin' Was I feeling kind a silly when I stepped in soakin' beer down the cola machine Oh, stayin' seventeen Well she claimed she was a killer and she owned a flood lit villa a little aways from the main highway Oh take me way down yonder She was tall, thin and tarty and she drove a Maserati faster than sound I was heaven bound Although I must have looked a creep in my army surplus jeep Was I being too bold before the night could get old No, no, no, no She proved me so wrong Oh the Italian girls sometimes hold their religious habits in front of your eyes, just to get you tied Ah but not my little Bella 'cause I did not have to tell her I'd rather you go with the morning sun, she made me so tired She took me way, way, away down yonder till I was gone with the morning sun on my back Gotta get on back there soon as I can Take me there And I miss the girl so bad She broke my heart Gotta get on back there soon as I can I miss the girl, I miss the girl, I miss the girl so bad I was a lot better off