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    The New Abnormal 專輯封面

    歌名Not The Same Anymore 歌手名 The Strokes

    作詞 朱利安卡薩布蘭卡斯
    作曲 鼓擊樂團


    You're not the same anymore Don't wanna play that game anymore You'd make a better window, than a door Oh, the strangers they implore It gets so easy to ignore Just like the girl next door Uncle's house, it was noon Sorry boy, I can't employ ya You are strange, but I like you Sorry, this is overdue I promised I would do it right Her and a boy on a Saturday night And now the door slams shut A child prisoner grows up To seek his enemy's throat cut We're on the way, fuel the jet Can see that what he wants, he gets What does your sworn enemy regret? I didn't know, I didn't care I don't even understand Did something wrong, I wasn't sure Stay on top of this, or else I was afraid, I fucked up, yeah yeah yeah I couldn't change, it's too late And now it's time to show up Late again, I can't grow up And now it's on me, they've given up Uncle's house, I forget Violent tendencies I get Your timing sucks, she went overboard Don't forget, you are insured I didn't know, I wasn't sure Can't remember all that well I couldn't change, was too late, yeah yeah yeah


    專輯名 The New Abnormal
    歌手名 The Strokes
    發行日 2020-04-10