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    The New Abnormal 專輯封面

    歌名Ode To The Mets 歌手名 The Strokes

    作詞 朱利安卡薩布蘭卡斯
    作曲 鼓擊樂團


    Up on his horse, up on his horse Not gonna wake up here anymore Listen one time It's not the truth It's just a story I tell to you Easy to say Easy to do But it's not easy, well maybe for you? Hope that you find it Hope that it's good Hope that you read it I think that you should Cuts you some slack, as he sits back Sizes you up Plans his attack Drums please, Fab I got it all I got it all waiting for me Down on the street But now you gotta do something special for me I'm gonna say, what's on my mind Then I'll walk out Then I'll feel fine Yeah, I'm under his thumb, I'm on his back I will not show my teeth too quick I needed you there I needed you there But I didn't know I didn't know Go alone I'll go alone We'll go alone I'll go alone Back from his trip He's at the door When he gets back He's on the phone Innocent eye Innocent heart No, it's not wrong But it's not right Innocent times Out on his own Not got gonna do that Come out of control I was just bored Playing the guitar Learned all your tricks Wasn't too hard It's the last one now I can promise you that I'm gonna find out the truth When I get back Gone now are the old times Forgotten, time to hold on the railing The Rubix cube isn't solving for us Old friends, long forgotten The old ways at the bottom Of the ocean now has swallowed The only thing that's left Is us, so pardon The silence that you're hearing Is turning into A deafening, painful, shameful roar


    專輯名 The New Abnormal
    歌手名 The Strokes
    發行日 2020-04-10