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    I am 專輯封面

    歌名What’s in your house? 歌手名 (G)I-DLE



    Yo Your image deceives what your people perceive Some people believe what the media feeds TV MC's That try to bark hollow pretend to be harsh fellows But be yellow and softer than marshmallows Oh you one of them nigga! Homo I'ma hurt ya feelings Name brand talkers pretty ass earrings Where are all your women I ain't seen you with one Only bitch that ever loved you gotta call you her son Yea you that nigga choch ass nigga No heart won't even approach us nigga So you be humble man stay in your place We them niggas that rumble and get in your face Oh you one of them nigga! Concerned with lookin' cute nails done eyes plucked Homie what the fuck? I mean really whassup Help a brother understand How self admiration takes the soul of a man Damn vain ass plain ass nothin' ass niggas Get your punk ass out the goddamn mirror You one of them nigga! Real niggas do real things and that's a fact Are you in with the heart or are you in it for the funds Uh Mr. Know It All flossy floss all talk Head Mr. A and R we ain't hard who the fuck said we was? You never heard us holla crip or blood or I'm a thug You one of them nigga! You wanna rhyme like that? You won't get signed like that Ya'll need the R and B track Or call some sister sluts Tell them back that thang up 'Cause only real niggas spit game that much You one of them nigga! Right off the bat what you speak is contrived Its like you're cloaked in a Pinocchio vibe And when you lie you play with the dream You make it decay at the seams You can fix it if you say what you mean You one of them nigga! Pick and choose who you beef with Leap froggy Show me how real you keep it And know that you pussy all underneath it Now it's time for the five to expose your secret You one of them nigga! Shake up foo's be faker than make up ha! Oh you one of them nigga! Are you in with the heart or are you in it for the funds You one of them niggas! Knock this pretty boy 'cause on they ass each time we drop kid Oh you one of them niggas! No time for idle chattin' folks say what's happening 'Til we go platinum house in the Hamptons Bank account large give Shatan my cold regards There's a killer at large and he murders his team? 'Cause he strips black teens of all their dreams You one of them nigga! Yea what you trying to prove Keep it gangsta where I'm from means the G's move Now everybody wanna pop that shit Walk like a crip what part of the game is this? Don't get caught up the twist of some gang bang shit But then you probably would fascinated with the hood You one of them nigga! Man enough is enough I know that you're ghetto But thinkin' you tough? Your posse is deep And when you speak it's fuck the police Am I to believe is that the way you really would be If only we see what there is no cameras allowed And your bodyguard didn't have to hold your hand through the crowd You one of them niggas! {Hey you! you have enough listening to your phonograph I have ten thousand copies of this record made each perfect for yours for yours for yours for yours for yours ha ha ha ha ha ha ha}


    專輯名 I am
    歌手名 (G)I-DLE
    發行日 2018-05-02