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    History 專輯封面

    歌名History 歌手名 Okamoto's

    作詞 オカモトショウ
    作曲 オカモトショウ/オカモトコウキ


    Seems long but short time, what have I done? did I do anything I really wanted to Have I tolden what I should and have I hidden all the rude, have I really existed here どれだけの夜を見送れたら弱さを許せるの? どれだけの道を迷ったら人を愛せるのだろう? Wow Yeah! How do you feel? 時と共に 移りゆく人々 Wow Yeah! ヤワ過ぎる 心だから 傷つきやすく Wow Yeah! 壊れても 敗れてもいい 優しくありたい Everybody’s getting older We were keep walking forward But the party is over Thought people will split up and go home But we’re still on our order Dancing on with silents in the night Young man’s afraid to stop it feels like a failure Walls everywhere walls separate everything まだ止まれない Thought my hearts gonna burn out But my dream’s never sold out, finishing my soda Climb up to the roof top, sign up to the world top Wanna show what I see and feel My right hand in my pocket My left hand tighten up to a rocket Got your photo in my wallet 潤む瞳 水たまり Wow Yeah! この声も その涙も 歴史を揺らす波となって Wow Yeah! いつかそれが 全て君の ためになってくれるなら Wow Yeah! 壊れても敗れてもいい Feel it,Speed it,Deal it,Just do what you do,do what you do! Can you feel it? Wanna speed it?


    專輯名 History
    歌手名 Okamoto's
    發行日 2020-08-14