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    黑的韌性 Black & Toughness 專輯封面

    歌名The One feat. THE GAME SHOP 歌手名 OVDS


    You have been chosen in this world to be the one of the greatest Time to open your eyes and set no sky as your limit When you make any choices, follow your heart, go with it There's no zero to none in this beautiful oneness It's like Shawshank Redemption sequel Time is not the enemy and you could live long On every beast mode, turn that ash into gold No needs for bible on the side Constantly battle with my mind Tragedy is on the side Missing the pace of living life I've seen it once, Yeah, I've seen it twice I've seen it all before in those tragically insomnia nights I was blinded and obstructed all along in abyss of time Trevor Reznik on machinist, that's how I beat my demon A skinny motherfucker came from OVDS 逃不開公轉與自轉的速度 何不離開與時間的束縛 我們皆共用同一道光束 點亮的路 活得比太陽還清楚 彼岸的人隻身被緣分祝福 感受同心劃破距離的領悟 勝過你獨一無二的月亮 照亮夜晚的每一滴淚珠 生まれたこの時代 出会えたこの奇跡 手繋ぎ夢描く 笑顔の花咲かす 言葉よりも心 涙よりも笑顔 共に上がれ友よ We are The One


    專輯名 黑的韌性 Black & Toughness
    歌手名 OVDS
    發行日 2020-10-30