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    Let It Out 專輯封面

    歌名Let It Out 歌手名 HYDE

    作詞 Ali/Kuboty/hico/HYDE
    作曲 HYDE


    Wake it up Get it started now Will drive this groove that'll make you drop You want it very sexy, wanna feel me I'm gonna rise and set you free Waited for this very moment Raise your hands for me Stressed out from stale common logic Strain your voice and scream Tell me what you want from me Tell me your perversions Got the thing that works on this Chaos and confusions I hear a siren that's wailing away Go all the way With your voice aflame Go all the way Forget about those pains that stain Go all the way When the world's insane When your life feels hollow Just let it out Can't stop what we're starting now It's time for ecstasy There's no sense concealing within Feigning preciously I hear silence withdrawing away You're ready now Gonna start again Better drive this groove that'll make me drop You want it laid on tight, you wanna taste it I'm gonna rise you come with me


    專輯名 Let It Out
    歌手名 HYDE
    發行日 2020-11-25