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    The Love Album 專輯封面

    歌名The Rose 歌手名 Westlife



    專輯:最愛西城 珍重再見 (Greatest Hits Deluxe) 歌曲:The Rose (玫瑰) 作詞:Amanda McBroom Lawrence Johnson Quiz & Larossi 作曲:Amanda McBroom Lawrence Johnson Some say love it is a river Quiz & Larossi That drowns the tender reed Some say love it is a razor That leaves your soul to bleed Some say love it is a hunger An endless aching need I say love it is a flower And you it's only seed It's the heart afraid of breaking That never learns to dance It's the dream afraid of waking That never takes the chance It's the one who won't be taken Who cannot seem to give And the soul afraid of dying That never learns to live When the night has been too lonely And the road has been too long And you think that love is only For the lucky and the strong Just remember in the winter Far beneath the bitter snow Lies the seed that with the sun's love In the spring becomes the rose


    專輯名 The Love Album
    歌手名 Westlife
    發行日 2006-11-20