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    Westlife 專輯封面

    歌名Fool Again 歌手名 Westlife

    作詞 Jörgen Elofsson/Per Magnusson/David Kreuger
    作曲 Jörgen Elofsson/Per Magnusson/David Kreuger


    Baby,I know the story I've seen the picture It's written all over your face Tell me,What's the secret That you've been hiding Who's gonna take my place I should've seen it coming I should've read the signs Anyway....I guess it's over Can't believe that I'm the fool again I thought this love will never end How was I to know You never told me Can't believe that I'm the fool again And i who thought you were my friend How was I to know, you never told me Baby,you should've called me When you were lonely When you needed me to be there Sadly, You never gave me too many chances To show you how much I care I should've seen.....


    專輯名 Westlife
    歌手名 Westlife
    發行日 1999-11-01