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    Freespace Mixtape Vol. 3 專輯封面

    歌名Ideo War (feat. Hakgwai Lau, Jay Tse) 歌手名 群星



    A Sense of touch Awareness awakens Evolution of thinking We need more than just love To learn how to live To judge what is real To criticize the fact To free what's your will (Awaken Arisen Horizon Under the sun) 風塵揚揚 水在何方 在湖中央 吐紅火光 何方妖孽 來侵我邦 犯我中土 毀吾三觀 哈 抓住那隻惡鬼 哈 截斷他的雙腿 Ah How to live What is real What is right What's my will Why to lie Why be blinded What is wrong Free your will Freedom Choices Human and Rights Reality Moral Love and Peace Loyal Judgement Criticize and think Confusion confession Introspection 止靜安忍 限守自身 君君臣臣 唯誰獨尊 普天之下 莫非吾土 千秋萬載 紅藍之爭 哈 摀住一雙眼睛 哈 誰是誰非誰分清 (To learn how to live To seek what is real To know why we're here In the time for a change To battle to fight For the life you desire To battle to fight For the life you desire)


    專輯名 Freespace Mixtape Vol. 3
    歌手名 群星
    發行日 2020-12-30