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    Journey 專輯封面

    歌名How I wonder who you are 歌手名 梁曉雪

    作詞 梁晓雪
    作曲 梁晓雪


    Try I’am trying, explain who I am. Please, so please, I need sometimes to be quiet, but now, just now, how I wonder what ur, not cry just don’t cry, u know I just love u so, but the life, and the fact, they always pressure me away, so please, allow me be a drunker someday. tired, I’am so tired, so I sit there and watch, I wrote a simple song for my hard time, u know, but the life and the fact, they always blame me away and now, I wonder what ur and now, I need sometheres to break, and now, I wish u weren’t there.


    專輯名 Journey
    歌手名 梁曉雪
    發行日 2021-01-06