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    Journey 專輯封面

    歌名I won't make u down 歌手名 梁曉雪

    作詞 梁晓雪
    作曲 梁晓雪


    when I was 18 years old ago,mama and dad told me be my own. but time flies I am tall.everything is out of control. I want to know the truth,even I cant get in close. and I will find my way. the way is straight to home. the way is straight to home. I will let you down I know what I am fighting for. I wont make you cry cause I wont make it bad. I can let you smile even in your dream. I cant make you cry cause I will take you home.


    專輯名 Journey
    歌手名 梁曉雪
    發行日 2021-01-06