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    Lullaby 專輯封面

    歌名Lonesome 歌手名 梁曉雪

    作詞 梁晓雪
    作曲 梁晓雪


    I see a lonesome men is like me. he is talking some of scar and faith. and then leaves are falling into the sea. so why you want to be with me. Is there shadow bring me some of pain. It wakes me up when night has come. and then wind is blowing the window to wave. so you are lonesome just like me. I want to hold you tight and breathe. Be brave to see your face. My heart close to your heart. I really want a part.just like me.


    專輯名 Lullaby
    歌手名 梁曉雪
    發行日 2021-01-06