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    Lullaby 專輯封面

    歌名Miss It 歌手名 梁曉雪

    作詞 梁晓雪
    作曲 梁晓雪


    Ever thought is lool to be. beauty thing comes to me. beauty thing just coming down. I can take antherday.through the road and bit it afraid. I dont know is coming right.yeah. I just wana be ur right. I dont wanan be in sad. let me take ur arm inside.oh yeah. I could just for me down.something wana be inside. I can going through the night.yeah. Every Miss just me and right. I can call u everytime. I dont know just coming or not.oh baby. Every Miss just in middle of the night.can u hear.can u hear me.I dont want the thought to be sad.oh!


    專輯名 Lullaby
    歌手名 梁曉雪
    發行日 2021-01-06