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    Sleeping on the bedroom floor 專輯封面

    歌名Sleeping on the bedroom floor 歌手名 the engy



    寝過ごせないほど君がいなくて 寂しくて震えるけれど 夜がぬかるんで足が抜けない 会いに行けないよ I think I have to change. I think it's even strange. You always runaway. Should I beg? Like “Stay with me.”? I always say that I don't wanna see your face. I know that sounds so cheep for you. And you think that's just another round of game we are always playing. You damn right. You are the only one to blame. But you're the only one for me. And you know that's true. Sleeping on the bedroom floor. On the floor. With a phone. ‘Cause my bed smells like you. Sleeping on the bedroom floor. And I'm waiting for your phone call. I miss you so. It ain't funny you think you can have me around. But you're right. I miss you so. You think you can come back whenever you want. You're right. I lose every time before we start fighting. Why you always run? Maybe you're just tired of me. I can't sleep. Baby, I can't sleep. ‘Cause my bed smells like…