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    Archie's Funeral 專輯封面

    歌名Archie's Funeral 歌手名 椅子樂團

    作詞 裘詠靖
    作曲 裘詠靖


    In a garden, size of an elephant The beasts are sleeping You may rest here, in this blue wicker chair To dry your feather Troupe of bees will be dancing Through the hands of sunbeams To give you morning greetings In the garden, where kids were running Jasmines are waken Paper flowers of coral and crimson Will thrive like yesteryear The elder parrot will lead The choir of various species To sing you afternoon greetings In the last row of this grand parade The elves wave their wounds You may slumber in this warm bed of earth With porcelain cover And we’ll see each other in the galaxy Someday somewhere


    專輯名 Archie's Funeral
    歌手名 椅子樂團
    發行日 2021-04-30