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    I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel (III) 專輯封面

    歌名All That Glitters Is Not Gold, But It's Still Damn Beautiful 歌手名 $uicideboy$



    Yeah playa, yeah playa, all my teeth gold Damn playa, damn playa, I still can't sleep though Yeah playa, yeah playa, I be that sheep eater Wolf creeper but disguised as the grim reaper Sad playa, sad playa, I be that sad playa Damn playa, damn playa, thought you was money making Yeah playa, yeah playa, don't change that, I'm forsaken Grey playa, third razor, laugh at you bitches hating Yeah playa, yeah playa, my pupils dilating Dope shot up in my veins, I'm feeling nauseated Law breaker, law breaker, I'm trying to feel alive Make sure my teeth gold when I'm filled up with formaldehyde $uicide Used to be called a bunch of things before they called me Snow Leopard I froze up and shivered off the shards of cold weather with no effort Leather belt around my throat feels so better than the rope I had before The results are the same, but now I'm comfy when I go I got hoes that burn their wrist with the blunt they rolled for me And now i'm always stoned, always home alone In the back of the Benz, I got my squad I know But I only see them on the road And the rest I know just wanna use you (They always wanna used you) Snakes in my face, yeah, I think I'm Medusa Polo pajamas with the pockets ripped, the red, white and blue ones That's why I'm always losing money but don't let that confuse you Because now I got a mouth full of gold, but baby I'm still a loser