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    Blue Banisters 專輯封面

    歌名Blue Banisters 歌手名 Lana Del Rey

    作詞 Lana Del Rey/Gabriel Edward Simon
    作曲 Lana Del Rey/Gabriel Edward Simon


    There's a picture on the wall Of me on a John Deere Jenny handed me a beer Said How the hell did you get there Oh Oklahoma Mm-mm mm There were flowers that were dry Sittin' on the dresser She asked me where they're from I said a place I don't remember Oh Oklahoma Oh-oh Jenny jumped into the pool She was swimmin' with Nikki Lane She said most men don't want a woman With a legacy it's of age She said you can't be a muse and be happy too You can't blacken the pages with Russian poetry And be happy And that scared me 'Cause I met a man who Said he'd come back every May Just to help me if I'd paint my banisters blue Blue banisters ooh Said he'd fix my weathervane Give me children take away my pain And paint my banisters blue My banisters blue There's a hole that's in my heart All my women try and heal They're doing a good job Convincin' me that it's not real It's heat lightning oh-oh-oh oh 'Cause there's a man that's in my past There's a man that's still right here He's real enough to touch In my darkest nights he's shining Ooh-ooh-ooh Jenny was smokin' by the pool We were writin' with Nikki Lane I said I'm scared of the Santa Clarita Fires I wish that it would rain I said the power of us three can bring absolutely anything Except that one thing The diamonds the rust and the rain The thing that washes away the pain But that's okay 'cause Now when weather turns to May All my sisters come to paint my banisters green My blue banisters grey Tex and Mex are in the Bay Chucky's makin' birthday cake Jake is runnin' barefeet there's a baby on the way And now my blue banisters are green and grey ah-ah Summer comes winter goes Spring I skip God knows Summer comes winter goes Spring I sleep Heaven knows Every time it turns to May All my sisters fly to me To paint paint


    專輯名 Blue Banisters
    歌手名 Lana Del Rey
    發行日 2021-05-20