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    California (feat. Warren Hue) [Acoustic Live Version] 專輯封面

    歌名California (feat. Warren Hue) [Acoustic Live Version] 歌手名 88rising & Rich Brian & NIKI


    Warren Hue Yeah I'm faded, fake faces, I erase 'em, California, That fragrance, that payments, Fake places, California, I don't want to be the one that's left behind, I love the way, you lie, Tryna get my money bag straight this time, The hills is gon' decide LA westside mama scared most of the time, Looking behind what's this so called life, Shawty run my other phone yeah, Fake faces gotta cut 'em off yeah, Fake faces they don't problem solve yeah, My faith is from the cameras yeah, Flash flash, Imma take the pictures for my fam d**n, Show 'em I've made it, flashbacks To the pictures from way back, The kids were like who's that, who's that? Now I do Hollywood, yeah Copies everywhere like a walkie talkie, Imma run the lobby, Speak to nobody, San Gabriel Valley, might crash your party like, Rich Brian Yeah you made it, You've been anxious, But you made it, California Conversations, Til the sun rise, When you stop by, California I don't want to be the one that's left behind, I love the way, you lie, I don't wanna be the one to lose my mind, I know you know Somebody put some brakes on me, I really need rest on me, Pops callin' up every couple days I'm smiling so he could think I'm straight, Why can't I tell the truth Playing J.Cole back then, with a clear end goal, like it all made sense, I needed myself and nobody else ok let's go From how it looks man it's hard to complain, Man I just been praying that when I get older that I got some smile in me that can remain, My money is long but I got some new issues that feel like it's longer than government names, Man all I could wish is the mask that I'm wearing and the face that’s below it is looking the same Like ooooooohhhhh, You've been in this fight, I could see it in your eyes Like ooooooohhhhh, I made up my mind, I don't wanna waste no time NIKI Moneymaking, while we're breaking, It's amazing, California, Celebrate it, or berate it, It's been fated, California, Oh Maria, the hills are swarming, With dead ends and the bots performing, Don't mistake it, you can break big, Til you get sick Shut the f**k up don't wake another neighbor, I don't know you and I don't want to later, Praying to God I never run out of his favor, But we don't make the textbooks on our best behavior, do we? I'm the antihero of my own d**n movie, All my exes write songs that I'm based on loosely, Take after my ma I can be choosy, I can be choosy And when the sky looks like a painting, That's when you look down