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up at night (feat. justin bieber)

up at night (feat. justin bieber)

up at night (feat. justin bieber)



Came up from nothing Had to start hustling Had to be something You just had to be stunting Mad at his mama cause she couldn't buy Jordan's His mama was poor yeah she could never afford it Down to do anything Yeah down for whatever Kids on the come up you know we stick together That hustle could kill you yeah you gotta be clever It's cool while you young but you can't do it forever So if you ride then I'm riding too By your side kinda stuck on you You know I fuck witcha, witcha, witcha You know I fuck witchu, witchu, witchu He said he loves me cause loyal Put none above me because I'm loyal He fucking with me cause I'm loyal Yeah he with me cause I'm loyal Up in the morning made you some breakfast Bank account statements yeah I already checked it House looking spotless I already swept it You love when I handle shit I already get it Y-y-you deserve rounds baby boy you been working It's gon been worth yeah it's all gon be perfect He tells me he loves me he says mami te quiero Papi's a hustler chasing mucho dinero When it all goes down and things get real They'll remember who kept it trill Better let 'em know how you feel No secrets baby between us I love that we honest I'm keeping my promise I'm thuggin regardless Years down the road when up on out the projects Baby we're like rockets Loving what we started Loyal None above me cause I'm loyal Fucking with me cause I'm loyal Yeah the nigga's with me cause I'm loyal
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