How We Do Us (feat. Kyle Dion)

How We Do Us (feat. Kyle Dion)


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Love shouldn't be defined Love is one of a kind What we do is crazy baby All the ways you make me feel The way you do me like that The way you do me like that We just understand what nobody else can You know how to put it down How to pick me up and never cause me stress Every day's a rush You always cracking jokes and always make me blush I could stand the world if it was just us Every day you love me so Never let you go When I say it's on you'll never tell me no That's love baby That's us baby You know ain't explaining all this love we making They think that we're crazy but it's us Cause this is how we do us baby This is how we do us baby Don't you hate it when they get to asking all them questions 'bout the way we rockin' Like, we gotta have a separate title or something Gotta be on TV like the idols or something Cause baby boy this ain't no way that I could ever begin to explain The way we love The way we trust The bond we have It's just for us Just for us Telling me, yeah we're soul mates I knew it ever since our very first date yeah You the truth I need the whole thing But I won't risk putting this love at stake For a simple explanation to a simple muthafucka Who really don't know us Really don't wanna I mean it when I say it, that I only wanna love ya That other shit is extra Baby far above it now I know sometimes I do a little much I know sometimes you got a little problems with your trust But that's love baby That's us baby You're the only one I want and I can never leave your side You're always here down to ride You're always here and that's why I fu-u-u-uck with you Said he fucking with me cause I'm down He know every single lyric He at every single show and Baby that's why I'm in love with you
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